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中文版 2022年12月5日
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About ITP

    China, a populous developing country, is rather limited in resources. In the new century, it is more imperative than ever for China to strengthen scientific and economic cooperation with other developing countries, which could alleviate poverty, accelerate economic progress and contribute to the wellbeing of the people. The cooperation could also enhance the international competitiveness and risk resistance of developing countries so as to better involve in the economic globalization, safeguard their economic interests and security, and give voice to developing countries in south-north dialogues.

    Since reform and opening-up, China has seen rapid progress of science and technology (S&T), with many technologies meeting the needs of developing countries. We are confident that the application of the technologies could boost economic progress of developing countries and improve their technological levels. The Chinese Government has always paid great attentionto S&T cooperation among developing countries. Under the principle of equality and mutual benefits, results sharing and intellectual property protection, the Chinese Government is ready to share technologies through training workshops so as to seek common development in thefields of S&T and economy.


Sponsor:Department of International Cooperation Ministry of Science and Technoplogy PRC Maintenance:China Science & Technology Exchange Center Technical support:Intergrated Information System Research Center Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Science