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中文版 2022年7月3日
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On the banks of the yellow river
Hammam M. Elmahi

I have always been fascinated by China. As many Sudanese, my knowledge about China and the Chinese culture were full of mysteries as well as an inspiration. In addition, Chinese goods was filling our market in Sudan. Above that Chinese Oil Companies help our country to explore and export our petrol.

I was thankful once Ms. Liu Wei sent that invitation letter which showed that I could come to China for the workshop, and I would have an opportunity to visit the Asian dragon!

From Lanzhou airport I felt the Chinese hospitality, people were quite supportive, helpful and generous. My first impression was beyond my expectation. Due to that, I knew that I would spend the best days of my life.

Hammam M. Elmahi (SUDAN)???.jpg

While on the trip from the airport to Gansu Natural Energy Research Institute, I was captivated by the green mountains along the road. Everything was exotic and naturally organized like I was moving between melodies in an ancient Chinese song.

I know it is a cliché but I have been to many international workshops and courses, but this one is different. I will never be exaggerated, if I said that I was treated as the Sudanese ambassador to China, everything was prepared, organised and waiting for my arrival, and every step made me felt at home, just home!

Gansu Natural Energy Research Institute is a complete complex, from hotel to offices, lecture rooms to laboratories, and from design to location. Everything about it was perfect. Above that, the lecturers were very informative and experts on their fields gave us thoughtful lectures and remarkably answered all of our questions.


However, the best lecture to me was the morning Chinese language class, which was interesting because of the resemblance in the language voices. And the teacher was insisting to get the correct pronunciation from us. And guess what, she got what she was looking for!

It is worth mentioning that the topics covered on the workshop lectures was comprehensive, updated and presented by expert’s professors, including but not limited to: Photovoltaic Application and  Wind Energy by Li  Shimin,  Solar  Buildings  by  Liu  Xiaomin, Status and Challenges of the Global  Renewable Energy by XI Wenhua and Materials for Solar Energy Utilization by Associate Prof. Dr. Junqiang Qiao, in addition to Renewable energy policy  by  Hua Yaping. Another significant topic covered during the workshop was Solar Collector & Solar Water Heating System by: Zhang Lanying as well as Solar Cooker by Mahongruo.

In technical lectures and site visits around the factories, I understood how this Chinese economical achievement have been made. It came from hard working, consistency, good leadership and clear vision. This was the best lesson I have learned from China.


The participants in the workshop were from more than ten different countries which had a great impact on sharing opinions and ideas in lectures and breaks between them, because renewable energy varies according to the geographical  location  and  the  availability  of the alternatives in each country. Like all participants, I had an opportunity to provide my country profile and renewable energy future in Sudan. In my opinion it was very important to have a general view in the renewable energy efforts worldwide.

Finally, I cannot forget to thank Prof. lishimin and the double happy man Prof. XI and all Gansu Natural Energy Research Institute team. I am grateful for the opportunity, lectures, hospitality, support and friendship. And as Confucius said “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

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