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中文版 2022年7月3日
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Live and study in China
Javed Saleem

The training course was a highly appreciable initiative offered by Chinese Government through Ministry of Science & Technology organized by Hubei Provincial Seed Group Co. Ltd with support of Hubei Provincial Agricultural department. It was an admirable step for development of developing countries with sufficient resources allocation.

It was observed by all the participants that all the team of Hubei Provincial Seed Group Co. Ltd. worked hard for success of this course and left no stone unturned for facilitation and convenience of the participants. The leading role of Ms. Huang-Yan during application procedure, selection of participants, facilitation for visa process, pick and drop is really appreciable. The hard work by Mr. Wang Qiang and Mr. Amen was noted and admired by all the participants. The young ladies Ms. Zhou, Ms. Wang, Ms. Liu and Ms. Zhang proved them as good hostesses. We never observed any hesitation or reluctance on their faces. They were every time ready to cooperate. The personal and keen interest of the higher management of Hubei Provincial Seed Group Co. Ltd. in all matters was exemplary.

The selection of topics for the course was comprehensive. The organizers tried to cover all aspects of the seed technology. Being a seed professional I needed this kind of training to polish my skills. I learned new ideas about biotechnology & breeding of crops.  After  the  training  I  adopted  the  models  taught  in  the  training  to my company. I would like to mention particularly about local production of hybrid rice in Pakistan. The concept of “Plantibody & its application in plant breeding” by Mr. Song Bo was a novel subject for me which I shared with my colleagues & friends working in the field of biotechnology. A lecture along with demonstration by Xuanli Li about seed test technology added my knowledge for practical application in my company. The lectures about canola, cotton, maize & soybean breeding & production were useful for the participants. I shared some concepts learned there with my colleagues working on maize & cotton crop breeding in Pakistan.


The arrangement of tour to Jingzhou, Yi-Chang and the famous Three Gorges was informative and entertaining. The participants came to know about glorious history of the great China, development in the country in every walk of life and also it provided an opportunity to interact with loving Chinese people belonging to different areas.

The visit to research areas, company office, seed testing laboratory and processing centre was a good experience for the participants.

Personally, it was a unique chance for me to live in China & interact with Chinese people. I found that Chinese people are very hospitable, friendly & cooperative. Whenever I have the chance to walk or travel inside city of Wuhan, the beauty of city & citizens welcomed with open heart everywhere. In their personal life, I found the people hardworking, polite, and conscious of their health, education & career. At the same time I felt that not too many people could communicate with me as language was a basic barrier. I felt their urge to learn English & other international languages for better personal & business communication.

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I was doing a job in a seed company at that time, when I participated in the training program. This training program was one of the events in my life, which gave me business vision & understanding. Today I am running my own business.


Timing of Training: Although the weather of Wuhan was very  cooperative & friendly with us and did not hindered any of our activities. But it is suggested that such type of training programs be arranged at flowering to maturity stage of rice or other focus crops to demonstrate breeding methodology as well as potential of the varieties.

Selection of Participants: It is better to invite the participants from the seed technology field to understand the things. Moreover, English proficiency is very important. The participants has sufficient level of English reading, listening and speaking.

Lectures:  Although  it  was  a  good  effort  to  make  a  comprehensive  plan  of lectures,it can prove better if you send the lecture outlines/summary to the participants through email before they reach China. In this way they will come with preparation and the level of discussion will improve. The lectures should be about major seed crops of the world including wheat and minor crops in developing countries like peanut, soybean etc. should be excluded from list.

Sponsor:Department of International Cooperation Ministry of Science and Technoplogy PRC Maintenance:China Science & Technology Exchange Center Technical support:Intergrated Information System Research Center Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Science