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中文版 2022年7月3日
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The unforgettable experience about BDS training workshop in Xi'an-China

It gives me this honor to join the annual International Training workshop on Beidou Technology of 2019. The city of Xi'an, which held this training workshop, is unique. In addition to its long history, Xi'an is also the most important industrial and scientific center in northwest China. The training workshop is mainly based on the application of the Beidou navigation system and remote sensing technology. Serval basic concepts and new technology were introduced. Unistrong, CRESDA and other high technology companies related were also invited to the workshop, demonstrating their technology and product, showing the mature solution which has already been applied in China.

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In the practical part, we were taken to visit the State Key Laboratories, the base of the Antenna, and some institutes of the Chinese Academy of Science. This teaching methodology is beneficial, showing all the theory concepts in the field, which can provide a better understanding and leave us a deep impression on Chinese space technology.

The workshop also arranged cultural experiencing part. Xi'an is one of the oldest cities in China and the starting point of ancient Silk Road. With more than 5000 years of history, various historical buildings can be seen everywhere in the city, such as the famous terracotta soldiers, the ancient city wall of the Ming dynasty, Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, etc. Each has some incredible histories behind. I've been in Xi'an three times already, but I was still excited to see all of them over and over again. As a Chinese decedent fluent in mandarin, I may not have the same culture shock as other foreign colleagues, but seeing all these great histories and cultural backgrounds still makes me feel very proud of my ancestors.

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I was in China since 2017, taking the master's program in Space Technology applications in RCSSTEAP of Beihang University. During the master's program, I came to recognize that the growth in China's space technology sector has scaled up opportunities for technological and market cooperation. Many countries in the world, such as Brazil, need these technologies, products, or solutions for their development. Due to these reasons, my colleague and I established our Startup business. We have a company in China and Brazil, and our company's objective is to promote cooperation, innovation, and solution using Chinese space technology in Brazil or even Latin America. Currently, we are already an exclusive representative of some Chinese companies in Brazil. After this workshop, we are expanding our cooperation with more companies and trying to become the first Brazilian company using the BDS to make the solution.

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In the end, I would like to extend my deep gratitude to the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Remote Sensing Center of China, and the National Time Service Center of the Chinese Academy of Science for the organization and preparation of the workshop. To the Brazilian Space Agency, which recommends me to join the training; and Beihang University for all the support and connection, I wish my company and myself can become a bridge connecting Brazil and China for the collaboration.


Sponsor:Department of International Cooperation Ministry of Science and Technoplogy PRC Maintenance:China Science & Technology Exchange Center Technical support:Intergrated Information System Research Center Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Science