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中文版 2022年7月3日
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A wonderful silk training Experience

The history of silk culture and industry has prolonged for thousands of years in China. In 2015, 2016 and 2019, I attended the international silk seminars and exhibitions organized by the International Silk Union and Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, and also visited the China National Silk Museum and many silk companies, factories and enterprises in Zhejiang Province. Also, in 2016, at the invitation of Suzhou Industrial Silk Association, I had the opportunity to visit numerous silk enterprises of Jiangsu Province and admired the silk and embroidery development of Suzhou. From these events, I really appreciate the long-time development history and sustainable manufacture and business of China’s textile industry, as well as learning a lot from experiences of the outstanding activities and high-quality products of the silk companies and brands from Hangzhou, Suzhou, Huzhou, Sichuan… Therefore, the higher study in China will be surely a precious chance to interact with and learn .

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Zhejiang Sci-Tech University (ZSTU) is a high-quality university in Zhejiang Province, China, especially for the majors of textile science and engineering. Founded in 1897, ZSTU boasts a long history and becomes one of the earliest education institutes in China. More than 100-year education experiences have cultivated rich culture and formed the learning, realistic, creative and pioneering spirit. In October 2016, I came to ZSTU for the very first time to participate in the international training workshop named Processing Technology and Innovation Design of Modern Silk Products. I have realized that ZSTU is a wonderful university to provide me the best education and training for silk textiles.

The workshop Processing Technology and Innovation Design of Modern Silk Products is a very useful academic activity. During the workshop, I had the chance to perceive and improve the knowledge by attending the class of modern silk textiles of Professor Chengyan Zhu, class of textile dyeing and finishing by Professor Lan Zhou and class of textile design by Professor Jiu Zhou. Besides. ZSTU also arranged for the trainees to visit China National Silk Museum and many famous silk brands in Hangzhou such as High Fashion Silk Zhejiang Co. Ltd., Hangzhou Wensli, Yongchang Silk. I really admire the developments in manufacture, business and culture reservation of these enterprises. The trainees also attended the international silk seminar organized by International Silk Union and ZSTU to listen to the professional reports about silk production, manufacture technologies, culture exchange and trade activities. Furthermore, the schools, laboratory system and facilities of ZSTU were also introduced to international trainees and visitors during the workshop so that we all recognized that ZSTU is surely an ideal educational environment for high study and research works.

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From 2017, I pursue the Master’s Degree at ZSTU with the major of Textile Chemistry and Dyeing & Finishing Engineering, under the very kind supervision and support at School of Textile Science and Engineer (International Silk Institute). My supervisor who has given me the instruction to do experiments and research works in laboratory and write the research papers, with a lot of useful knowledge, reference materials and practical instruments, and I respect him as a father. Furthermore, ZSTU is located in Hangzhou – a historical and civilized city with rich natural resources, talented people, prosperity and admirable development of silk culture and industry. Studying in such a wonderful environment is always my goals.

During study and research process, I have perceived the knowledge and implemented the experiment works of textile chemistry, finishing process and multifunctional treatment for silk fabric surface. I want to do the professional researches of modern textile manufacture technology, product quality and global market, especially the trend of textile product developments and customer psychology to purchase and consume the textile products, as well as the opportunity and methods for development and expansion of international textile and garment market. I strongly believe that China is a really developed and civilized country that people will have the chance to pursue the high study and achieve a bright future. Furthermore, study at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University is always my pleasure and happiness. I hope to pursue my study at ZSTU and make contributions to the silk culture and industry.

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