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中文版 2022年7月3日
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My trip to China is the most unforgettable one in my life

I want to say that my trip to China was the most memorable one in my life and it was very adventurous. I will talk about the things that I enjoyed most.

Firstly, the trip to China was very long, about 12 hours from Africa to Hong Kong, but very exciting. I then travelled from Hong Kong to Beijing, about 3 hours flight. Beijing Airport is very big. I have never seen such a big Airport in Africa. I then travelled from Beijing to Urumqi, another 3 hours flight. When I finally arrived at the Urumqi International Airport, Mr. Chendong was waiting for me. We travelled by road to Shihezi. It was a long drive, but I enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Mr. Chendong took me to a restaurant and I ate good Chinese food.

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Secondly, the training was well organised. The hotel was very good. The food at the hotel was very good  I enjoyed every bit of it. I learned how to eat with chopsticks without the help of spoons or forks. Mr. Chendong and others like Lee, Chenglian taught me how to eat with chopsticks. I must say Chinese food is excellent and healthy, like medicine. When I came back to Zimbabwe, I was very healthy.

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I especially enjoyed watermelons and Chinese herbal tea.

The training was very good. I enjoyed it very much. There were many speakers from different places. I learned a lot about effective irrigation methods and agriculture. We visited a lot of farms and good places. I enjoyed most the presentation from Ma Fuyu about Automatic Irrigation System. I liked it a lot. We do not have this system in Zimbabwe and I want to introduce it. I tried to have a meeting with Ma Fuyu after the meeting but he was very busy. If you could help me bring Automatic Irrigation System to Zimbabwe, I would be very happy. I want to learn more about it.

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When I came back to Zimbabwe, I continued with my work of installing solar irrigation systems. But these days I am working in a workshop, focusing more on solar system. However, I still do drip irrigation systems for some farmers when they ask me and I install many solar pumps.

Thank you very much for getting in touch with me. I am very happy. I have told friends about your training and showed them the pictures. They want to come to China too. Tell me when you have the next training so that they could also participate.

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