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  Northwestern Polytechnical University
Tell(O)£º 86-29-8492222
Fax£º 86-29-8491000
Address£º No.127 West Youyi Road,Xi An City,Shaanxi Province,P.R.China
PostCode£º 710072
Description£º  Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) is situated in Xi'an, a world-famous ancient capital city. The president of NPU is appointed directly by the State Council. NPU is one of the 15 key universities in China, and during the"Seventh Five-year Plan"and the"Eighth Five-year Plan", NPU had been one of the universities of state capital construction. At the beginning of the"Ninth Five-year Plan", NPU was approved by the state to be in the first group of universities funded by"Project 211", and at the later stage of the"Ninth Five-year Plan", NPU was selected as one of the 21 universities of the state capital construction.

NPU is the country's only multi-disciplinary university of science and technology featuring the engineering education of aeronautics, astronautics and marine engineering with the stress on engineering and with the integration of engineering, science, management and humanities. The state attaches great importance to the University, and Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, and Li Lanqing, the state leaders, wrote inscriptions for the University or made inspections of the University.

NPU was founded in October, 1957, and its predecessors were the Northwestern Engineering College and the Xi'an Aeronautical Institute (formed by the Shanghai Jiaotong University, Nanjing Central University, and the Aeronautical department of Zhejiang University) founded in 1938. In 1970 the Engineering Department of Harbin Engineering College was merged into NPU.

The University takes an area of 20,000 acres with a floor space of 798,000 square meters, and the collection of books in the library is over 1,510,000 volumes. The comprehensive strength of the University ranks in the front row among over one thousand universities in China. Under the University there are institutes, colleges, and departments such as NPU Branch of Research Establishment of Science and Technology of Aviation Industries of China, Graduate School, Electronics and Information Engineering College, Management School, Astronautical Engineering College, Marine Engineering College, Test Pilot College (unique in Asia and one of the six test pilot College in the world), Civil Aviation Engineering College, Material Science and Engineering College, Machinery and Electronics Engineering College, Continuing Education College, Jinye Information College, Aircraft Engineering Department, Aeroengine Department,etc. Two teaching bases of mechanics and machinery basic courses are set up in the University. There are 47 undergraduate specialties, 68 master's specialties, 35 doctoral specialties, and 9 postdoctoral circulation stations in the University. NPU is qualified to confer MBA and Master of Engineering. At present, there are nearly 20,000 students studying at the University including over 10,000 undergraduate and two-year college students, and over 5,900 master's and over 800 doctoral students. In the University, there are 3 state key subjects, 8 state key laboratories and specialized laboratories, and 9 provincial and ministerial key laboratories and engineering research centers. The University owns a low-speed aerofoil wind tunnel£­the largest of its kind in Asia£­and an unmanned light airplane research and production base£­the largest of its kind in China.

In the University, among the 1,400 faculty members, there are 7 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 3 academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 1 academician of the Academy of International Institutions of Higher Learning, nearly 200Ph.D.advisers, and nearly 1,000 full and associate professors.

The University's scientific research strength is among the top universities in China, and the main indexes of scientific research are among the top ten universities in the country. The University has successively undertook over 5,000 scientific research projects, gained a total sum of one billion RMB yuan of scientific research funds, and won over 1,000 provincial and ministerial awards of scientific research. The number of awards ranked number one among the institutions of higher learning in 1992, 1994 and 1996 respectively. The awards contain 43 state awards of science and technology progress (including 1 top-grade and 8 first-grade awards) and 15 state awards of technological invention. The total number of papers published home and abroad every year by the University is among the best of the institutions of higher learning in China, and the number of papers published by Engineering Index (EI) ranked first in the past two years in succession. The University has been, as well, awarded 13 state prizes of excellent teaching achievements.

Facing the new century, NPU is determined to grasp the golden historical opportunity of education development and the large-scale development in the west of China to accelerate the University's development so as to build Northwestern Polytechnical University a research, comprehensive and open university which is first class in China and well-known in the world.
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