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  University of Hong Kong
Tell(O)£º (852) 2859-2111
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Address£º The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong.

THE UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG , Founded 1911 (Incorporating the Hong Kong College of Medicine Founded in 1887) .

The University of Hong Kong, as a pre-eminent international iversity in Asia, seeks to sustain and enhance its excellence as an institution of higher learning through outstanding teaching and world-class research so as to produce well-rounded graduates with lifelong abilities to provide  leadership within the societies they serve.  

The University of Hong Kong will endeavour:

To advance constantly the bounds of scholarship, building upon its proud traditions and strengths

 To provide a comprehensive education, developing fully the intellectual and personal strengths of its students while developing and extending lifelong learning opportunities for the community 

 To produce graduates of distinction committed to lifelong learning, integrity and professionalism, capable of being responsive leaders and communicators in their fields 

To develop a collegial, flexible, pluralistic and supportive environment that will attract, retain and nurture scholars, students and staff of the highest calibre in a culture that inspires creativity, learning and freedom of thought, enquiry and expression  

To engage in innovative, high-impact and leading-edge research within and across disciplines  

To be fully accountable for the effective management of public and private resources bestowed upon the institution and act in partnership with the community over the generation, dissemination and application of knowledge 

To serve as a focal point of intellectual and academic endeavour in Hong Kong, China and Asia and act as a gateway and forum for scholarship with the rest of the world

Sponsor:Department of International Cooperation Ministry of Science and Technoplogy PRC
Maintenance:China Science & Technology Exchange Center
Technical support:Intergrated Information System Research Center Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Science