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  Yangzhou University
Tell(O)£º +86-(0)514-7971850
Fax£º +86-(0)514-7352262
Address£º 88 Daxue Road (South), Yangzhou , Jiangsu, China
PostCode£º 225009
Description£º  Yangzhou University (YZU), which was merged out of several existing colleges on May 19, 1992, is a key comprehensive university at provincial level. Its roots came from Yangzhou Teachers¡¯ College, Jiangsu Agricultural College, Yangzhou Engineering College, Yangzhou Medical College, 

Jiangsu Water Conservancy College and Jiangsu Business College, some dating back as early as 1902. The merger of these colleges and institutions in 1992 into YZU kindled a reform in education, which is still underway, in present China. YZU takes pride in that Chinese President Jiang Ze-min inscribed the name of YZU. Vice-Premier Li Lan-qing inspected YZU twice. We have also invited many famous scientists and experts to visit our university: Yang Zhenning, Qian Weichang, Qiu Chengtong, to name only a few.

YZU has been striving to provide quality education to its students and emphasize the practical application of knowledge students learn in the classroom. To make excellent contributors to our society and well-rounded citizens, YZU spares no efforts in developing students' social, moral and cultural sensitivity in addition to their intellectual ability while taking care of their individuality.

YZU is a comprehensive learning institution in real sense. The programs and research going on at YZU include almost all the disciplines and branches of sciences: humanity, science, business, engineering, architecture, computer, medicine, art, music, agriculture, animal husbandry, etc.

The success of YZU is based on the high standard of its faculty. Around 2,000 faculty members work on campus, including 170 professors, 710 associate professors. 93 faculty members are entitled to State Fund for Specialists, 5 are entitled as Outstanding Contribution-making Young Experts by the government.

Through its 15 colleges (College of Humanities, College of Sciences, College of Political Sciences and Law, College of Arts, College of Foreign Language Studies, College of Physical Education, College of Engineering, College of Water Conservancy and Architectural Engineering, Agricultural College, College of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science, College of Bio-science and Bio-techniques, Medical College, Business College, and College of Tourism and Cuisine), YZU offers its 26,000 undergraduates 67 undergraduate programs covering 11 disciplines registered in 47 departments/divisions. At undergraduate level, the university now has over 20,000 adult students in its continued education programs. Undergraduate programs are also available for students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

With their solid academic ground and keen sense to practice, 79% of the graduates of YZU can find jobs immediately upon their graduation.

At the graduate level, more than 700 graduate students are studying in 46 doctoral and master's programs, in which 360 faculties are involved as doctoral and master's program supervisors.

To facilitate teaching and researches, the university has worked hard to find financial resources to update its laboratories and teaching facilities. YZU has 8 national and provincial key laboratories, and 39 teaching laboratories with a total capital fund of 220 million (RMB) in equipment investment.

YZU has 7 libraries with a collection of 2.80 million volumes of books and journals. The libraries are especially proud of their collection of rare Chinese classics. Journals from around the world can be found here. The university also has its own Yangzhou University Journal (Humanities and Social Sciences Edition, Natural Science Edition and Higher Education Research Edition), Jiangsu Agricultural Research, Jiangsu Clinical Medicine Journal and Yangzhou University Cuisine Journal.

YZU attaches great importance to its connection with industry and manufacturing, and closely combines industry, teaching and research together. It takes advantage of its research achievements to aid the development of local economy. There are now over 800 research projects underway at the university, including 65 national projects listed in 863 Hi-tech Projects, 973 High-tech Projects and National Priority Projects for the Ninth Five-year Plan, and 144 provincial- or ministerial-level research projects. Ever since the ninth five-year plan of the university began, the research projects have achieved great success. More than 260 research accomplishments have received awards at provincial or national level. The annual research fund amounts to over 20 Million RMB, ranking far above other universities of the same level.

YZU holds that international exchange and cooperation and the interaction of different cultures will promote the university's development and elevate its academic level. YZU has established ties with institutions of higher education in over 10 countries. More than 100 foreign language teachers and experts and over 2500 foreign scholars have taught, delivered lectures or participated in academic exchange programs over the past few years. Meanwhile, over 700 faculty members were sent abroad for academic visits, advanced studies, research cooperation or attendance at international academic conferences. Besides the exchanges at the faculty and researchers level, exchanges at the student level are also steadily developing. The number of international students in Yangzhou University is on the rise.

Facing the opportunities and challenges coming with the new era of a knowledge-based economy, Yangzhou University is carrying out improvement to make its management more efficient, and its teaching and researches more advanced.

With reference to "Essentials of Chinese Educational Reform and Development" and "The Action Plan of Revitalizing Education in the 21st Century", the university has made the tenth five-year plan and development plan aiming at 2015 to make itself prestigious both at home and abroad.

Yangzhou University is surely on the way to its new prosperity in the 21st century.

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