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China's Machinery Industry

Machinery Industry, as a major portion of industries in China, is deemed to be the country''s largest industrial sector that possesses basically the full range of categories and a large scale of economy with its technical standard and complex level in constant improvement. The Chinese machinery industry is classified into 12 major categories.

They are: automotive industry, electrical equipment manufacturing, heavy-duty and mining equipment manufacturing, petrochemical and general machinery, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, internal combustion engine manufacturing, machine tool and tools industry, instruments and meters, general machinery basic components, environmental protection machinery, food-processing and packaging machinery. Within these 12 categories, 271 subordinate industries are vivisected. The whole country lays out 120,000 machinery enterprises and research institutions, which involves approximately 20 million employees.

Automotive industry

Automotive industry includes heavy-duty trucks, light vehicles, passenger cars, buses and coaches, transformed vehicles, jeeps, motorcycles, vehicles for industrial purposes auto parts and components, etc. Presently there are 3000major enterprises in the whole country.

Electrical equipment industry

Electrical equipment industry is classified as hydro-power equipment, thermal power equipment, unclear power equipment, wind-power generation equipment, power transformation and transmission equipment, industrial boilers, electric motors, lower-voltage apparatus and devices, wires, cables, electric furnances, welding machines, insulation materials, electric carbon products, accumulator and storage battery, and special electric equipment, etc. There are more than 2000 enterprises at present.

Heavy-duty and mining machinery industry

Heavy-duty and mining machinery industry is divided into metallurgical equipment, mining equipment, cement fabrication equipment, crane machinery, transportation equipment, port equipment, loading machinery and water-conservancy equipment. There are nearly 1000 major enterprises at present.

Petrochemical and general machinery industry

Petrochemical and general machinery industry includes the equipment for petroleum & natural gas drilling, extracting, gathering and transportation, chemical equipment for oil refinery, industrial pumps, blowers and fans, valves, compressors, air separation equipment, refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, gas separation and liquefaction equipment, vacuum acquisition and application equipment, printing machinery, plastics processing machinery, cycloid speed reducers, drying equipment and separators, etc. There are over 800 major enterprises in this industry at present.

Agricultural machinery industry

Agricultural machinery industry is sorted into tractors, cultivation machinery, plant protection machinery, irrigation and drainage machinery, agricultural transportation machinery, harvesting machinery, agricultural by-product processing machinery, forestry machinery, animal husbandry machinery, forage processing machinery, and fishery machinery, etc. There are about 4000 such enterprises at present.

Construction machinery industry

Construction machinery industry is divided into excavators, loaders, bulldozers, scrapers, graders, truck cranes, forklift and industrial vehicles, piling machinery, road surface compacting machinery, rock-drilling machinery, and pneumatic tools. There are now more than 500 major enterprises in this industry.

Internal combustion engine industry

Internal combustion engine industry covers the area of general purpose diesel engine, petrol engine and gas engine used in vehicle, construction and agricultural machinery, motive power machines for marine application and power generation sets as well as engine parts and components. There are about 1,100 major enterprises in this field.

Machine tool and tools industry

Machine tool and tools industry is categorized into metal-cutting & metal forming machine tools, foundry equipment, wood-working machinery, abrasives and grinding tools, measuring & cutting tools, electric apparatus for machine tools and machine tool attachments. There are now over 1000 major enterprises in the whole industry.

Instruments and meters industry

Instruments and meters industry covers the automatic instruments for industrial control, electric meters and instruments, optical instruments, analytic instruments, laboratory instruments, meteorological instruments, maritime instruments, film projectors, cameras and copiers, etc. There are about 2000 major enterprises in this field.

General machinery basic components industry

General machinery basic components industry includes bearings, hydraulic components, hydrodynamic components, pneumatic parts, sealing materials, powder metallurgical components, fasteners, chains, springs and elastics, dies and moulds. There are now more than 800 major enterprises in the country.

Environmental protection machinery industry

Environmental protection machinery industry includes the equipment for air and water pollution control, equipment for solid water disposal and comprehensive utilization, noise and vibration control devices and environmental monitoring instruments. There are about 2000 major enterprises in the whole industry.

Food-processing and packaging machinery

Food-processing and packaging machinery industry includes machinery for food-processing, packaging, packaging materials, packaging containers and packaging decorations, etc. There are over 1600 major enterprises in the whole industry.

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