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  Changchun New and Hi-tech Industry Development Zone

   Changchun New and Hi-tech Industry Development Zone was founded in May 1988 and approved of a state level High-Tech Industrial Development Zone by the State Council in Aug 1991.

It is located in the south of Changchun with total 30 square kilometers planned area, of which 20 square kilometers are policy-preferential area and 10 square kilometers are new concentrated-construction area. It is also an area of technology, culture and education in the state programming.

Within the CNHIDZ, there are 18 state & province-owned full time universities and colleges; 39 research institutes belonging to the state ministries and commissions; 12 design institutes and 11 key opening laboratories established by the state. The CNHIDZ is well-known nationally because of its high denseness of intelligence.

It mainly has developed new technology , technics and materials of automobile industry; new technology and technics of food and byproduct's fine processing; science of micro-electronics and technology of telecommunications; science and technology of space and aviation; science of photoelectron and technology of integration of photoelectron & mechanism; science of life and technology of bioengineering; science of ecology and technology of environmental protection; science of energy, new energy resources and high-efficiency method of energy economizing; geoscience and oceangraphic engineering technology; technology of basis physical radiation; medical science and technology and biomedicine engineering; new technology and technics for traditional industries.

Now the CNHIDZ has formed five pillar industries: technology of bioengineering, photoelectron & mechanism integration, new materials, automobile and fittings, electronics and information. The CNHIDZ mainly produces the products of genetic engineering interferon, baijiesu-2, gene engineering growth factor, rabies vaccine for human, anti-tumor vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine, hepatitis A vaccine, RNA, thermal shrinkable materials, special engineering plastics, new multifunctional insulation and antirot materials, gun sighting mirror, telescope, special photoelectricity coder, thin film-type clutch and auto oil seal series.

 Among 1380 enterprises within the CNHIDZ, 904 are high-tech enterprises. From 1991 to 1998, CNHIDZ had realized accumulative gross value of industrial output of 3183.6 billion RMB yuan, total income of technology, industry and trade of 36.7 billion RMB yuan, financial revenue of 46.5 billion RMB yuan, profits and taxes of 6.1 billion RMB yuan, actual foreign investment of 4.2 billion US dollars.

Approved of a state-level Economic & Technological Development Zone by the State Council in April 1993, Changchun Economic & Technological Development Zone (CETDZ) enjoys the same preferential policy as those economic and technological development zones in the open coastal cities.

The earlier-on development and construction area of the CETDZ is 10 square kilometers and its total planned area is 30 square kilometers. Since the large-scale development and construction starting from May 5th 1993, the CETDZ has got encouraging results in improving investment environment, inviting capital and constructing projects. With an investment of 12.5 billion RMB yuan, the CETDZ has been engaged in setting up various kinds of infrastructure. Many internationally well-known transnational companies, one after another, invest in setting up enterprises in the CETDZ, like Thailand Chia Tai Group, Malaysia Golden Lion Group, Pepsi of USA, Haila of Germany, Perkinton of USA.

By the end of 1998, investors from 21 nations and regions had registered 2 063 joint ventures in the CETDZ with a total registered capital of 1 191.5 billion RMB yuan. Among all the enterprises of the CETDZ, foreign-funded ones amount to 267 with a total investment of US $ 134.8 billion. The zone had realized gross domestic product (GDP) of 1480.1 billion RMB yuan, financial revenue of 190.6 billion RMB yuan. Five pillar industries of automobile -spares-and-parts processing, electronics, grain fine processing, fine chemical and new type building materials had taken shape in the zone. The output value of the projects with new and high-technology and of products yielding high added value constitutes more than 80 percent of the gross value of industrial output of the zone.


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