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Division of Policy Study

1. Undertake follow-up studies and analyses of international S&T development, S&T strategies, plans, programs and major S&T policies of major countries, organize the compiling of Annual Report on International S&T Development and the publication of Outlook of International Technology & Economy, a monthly in Chinese, and International S&T News, a periodical published every ten days. 


2. Undertake follow-up analyses of major advances in basic research and strategic high technology in the world; organize special topic research; compile serials of Summary Report on International S&T Trends and Translations of International S&T Trend.


3. Undertake studies on characteristics of the S&T development in major countries and their foreign policies of S&T cooperation, especially towards China; put forward suggestions on adjusting Chinas regional policy and country-specific policies concerning international S&T cooperation; organize the compiling of country-specific policy reports.


4. Guide and coordinate the studies of S&T divisions (groups) of Chinese embassies and consulates on resources for S&T cooperation with international organizations and respective countries and regions. Set up and improve the data banks of various resources.


5. Undertake studies to formulate the overall plan for MOSTs missions stationed abroad; guide, supervise and assess the performance of those missions; allocate funds for studies of overseas S&T missions, the management of fixed assets, as well as ensure logistic support such as the building of office network platforms.


6. Undertake organization and execution of publicity activities concerning international S&T cooperation; undertake the translation and publication of China S&T Newsletters (English); give guidance to overseas S&T missions in conducting publicity activities.


7. Assist the Department of Personnel in designing the size and layout of staff working in overseas S&T missions; assess the performance of the missions and their staff; cooperate with the Department of Personnel in ing, assessing and testing candidates for overseas appointment. Organize the compiling of training materials for S&T diplomats and make arrangements for them in terms of internship, training, field research and work report.


8. Undertake related work of the Leading Groups Office of Talent Introduction; undertake the establishment, use and management of overseas talent data bank.


9. Undertake organization and coordination of the emergency response mechanism for international S&T cooperation; undertake liaison on behalf of MOST with member units of the inter-ministerial emergency response meeting for foreign affairs.


10. Undertake guidance, supervision and performance assessment for the work entrusted.


11. Undertake other tasks assigned by the leadership of the Department of International Cooperation.

Sponsor:Department of International Cooperation Ministry of Science and Technoplogy PRC
Maintenance:China Science & Technology Exchange Center
Technical support:Intergrated Information System Research Center Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Science