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Division of European Affairs


1. Undertake research on the science and technology (S&T) policies and S&T development of the European Union (EU), European countries and pan-European S&T institutions, as well as the status quo, the development trend and resources of bilateral S&T cooperation; put forward policy suggestions on priority fields of S&T cooperation, countermeasures and cooperation demands of relevant countries and regions; participate in organizing the compiling of international S&T cooperation programs with relevant countries and regions as well as reports on international S&T cooperation development.


2. Undertake centralized management of S&T cooperation and exchanges between departments, localities and intra-Ministerial units as well as inter-governmental S&T cooperation and exchanges, and provide policy guidance, coordination and supervision and inspection in respect of these activities. Provide guidance and coordination concerning the building of working environment, bases and platforms for international S&T cooperation between Chinese departments and localities and foreign counterparts.


3. Undertake the organization of joint committee meetings for inter-governmental S&T cooperation and other meetings, discuss and review inter-governmental S&T cooperation agreements and review their secondary agreements and concrete execution agreements under the S&T cooperation framework. Undertake negotiations with foreign counterparts, management and policy guidance concerning major inter-governmental and regional S&T cooperation programs, projects and activities, and supervise the implementation of inter-governmental cooperation projects. Take responsibility for organizing the execution of special funds for S&T cooperation with European countries. Undertake organization and arrangements for of major diplomatic activities such as exchange of visits of senior leaders.


4. Undertake the organization and coordination of related tasks in the Program for Key International S&T Cooperation Projects, participate in and coordinate international cooperation work in China¡¯s national S&T programs.


5. Provide guidance to and coordinate important activities of S&T cooperation and exchanges in the private sector with relevant countries, regions and institutions.


6. Provide guidance to and supervise over the execution of technical aids to China offered by European countries and the EU.


7. Undertake liaison with S&T divisions of foreign embassies in China.


8. Join other departments in providing guidance to S&T divisions (groups) of Chinese embassies and consulates stationed abroad, overseas science parks, and joint labs concerning their operation with relevant foreign counterparts.


9. Put forward suggestions in response to major emergencies and incidents occurring in S&T cooperation with related countries, and carry out concrete tasks accordingly.


10. Undertake guidance, supervision and performance assessment for the work entrusted.


11. Undertake other tasks assigned by the leadership of the Department of International Cooperation.

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