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Division of International Organizations and Conferences

1. Undertake research on science and technology (S&T) policies, S&T development, and the status quo, the development trend and resources of S&T cooperation among other major issues concerning international S&T organizations and counterpart international organizations; put forward suggestions to policy makers concerning priority fields of cooperation and the demand for cooperation.

2. Undertake review of S&T cooperation agreements and protocols that China has signed or revised with international organizations; initiate the organization of talks on inter-governmental agreements of peaceful utilization of nuclear energy, as well as supervise and coordinate the implementation with other departments.

3. Undertake review of China¡¯s participation in international S&T organizations (inter-governmental or non-governmental) as a member state; undertake the delivery of fund donations and membership fees to counterpart international organizations in the name of the Chinese government.

4. Undertake review of international S&T expos and other major international S&T events staged in China.

5. Initiate and organize talks and implementation of China¡¯s participation in international mega science projects.

6. Take responsibility for obtaining S&T aid to China from international organizations and give guidance as to its execution.

7. Undertake liaison with branches or offices of international organizations in China; put forward ideas and suggestions on handling major issues of international S&T cooperation.

8. Put forward suggestions in response to major emergencies and incidents in S&T cooperation with international organizations, and undertake specific tasks accordingly.

9. Undertake guidance, supervision and performance assessment of the work assigned.

10. Undertake other duties assigned by the leadership of the Department of International Cooperation.

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