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International Training Workshop on Seed Potatoes Production and Integrated Disease Control Technology

August, 2016

Harbin, China

Working Language£ºEnglish


The aim is to help the participants to understand the process of potato cultivation techniques, status quo and trends, solve practical problems of potato production in other developing countries; to strengthen S&T cooperation and exchange with other developing countries.


1. Profile of China national conditions and the development of science and technology;
2. Training and practice on potato tip meristem culture and rapid propagation of virus-free plantlet;
3. Training and practice on mini-tuber production technology based on the culture medium;
4. Training and practice on mini-tuber production technology based on hydroponic and aeroponics;
5. Training of standard cultivation technology for seed potato; 
6. Training and practical operation on late blight forecasting techniques;
7. Training on winged aphid monitoring technology in seed potato field; 
8. Introduction of the quality certification system for seed potato; 
9. Field day: comprehensive demonstration of standard cultivation techniques.


Virus-free Seedling Research Institute of Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Address: 368 Xuefu Road, Nangang District, Harbin, P.R. China 
Postcode: 150086
Coordinator: Hu Linshuang  
Tel: 86-451-86619234
Fax: 86-451-86619234


Sponsor:Department of International Cooperation Ministry of Science and Technoplogy PRC
Maintenance:China Science & Technology Exchange Center
Technical support:Intergrated Information System Research Center Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Science