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Symposium convenes on social computing

    With the support of the Xiangshan Science Conferences, an international symposium on the basic theory & application of social computing was held recently in the Xiangshan Hotel in suburban Beijing. 

    The meeting was focused on the significance and impact of social sciences on the modern society¡¯s development, future tendency in the disciplinary development of social computing, and the latest progress, new ideas and new methods in the field. More than 40 scholars from 26 institutions both at home and abroad were invited to take part in the conference. 

    There are two different implications of the term "social computing," according to Prof. WANG Feiyue, one of the keynote speakers. One is the application of computers or information technology in social activities. The other, which receives more emphasis, is the utilization of social knowledge, or the humanities, in the computer or information technologies with an objective to upgrade the level of social activities and their benefits. 

    The participants held a heated discussion on the methodology and key issues of the subject, and examined the application of data mining in various sectors such as education, taxation, and social security. They also talked about one other important utilization of the studies: the trend analysis of a network society. 

    The participants reached a consensus on the necessity and urgency of the studies of social computing, and its scientific issues and methods. Most of them believed that the current studies in the field should give emphasis on the following three aspects: computing theories and methods to deal with major social issues; trend analyses and early warning of the network society; and an analysis on the impact of high-speed and large-scale information communications on the social stability and transformation.



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