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China Association for Science and Technology

   China Association for Science and Technology(CAST) is a mass organization of China's scientific and technological workers, which functions as a bridge through which the government maintains its link with scientific and technological workers. CAST is therefore an important social force in developing the country's science and technology. Founded under its present name in September 1958, CAST has developed into a federation of 165 national professional societies, including 31 provincial branches and their widely distributed grass-root organizations, totaling 4.3 million members throughout China.

      For nearly 40 years, China Association for Science and Technology(CAST), China's umbrella organization for the country's scientific and technological workers, has traversed a glorious course of development in company with the progress of science and technology, and the economic and social development of the People's Republic of China. Since its very early days, CAST has demonstrated its ability to bring together outstanding professionals who possess various expertise. CAST, in its persistence of upgrading and popularizing science, and in its broad connection with scientific and technological workers regardless of their department, trade or geographical location, has proved itself an important social force in developing China's science and technology, stands prominently amongst the world science and technology communities.

    By implementation of the strategies of revitalizing the nation with science and education and of sustainable development, the pace of science and technology progress as well as the socio-economic development will be greatly accelerated. Looking into the future, we can see more opportunities than challenges. Therefore, we should work even harder and strive to make greater contributions to the realization of the splendid goals of our nation.

Major Activities

-- To organize academic exchanges with an aim to enliven academic ideas and promote the development of various disciplines;
-- To popularize scientific knowledge, propagate scientific ideas and methodology, disseminate advanced technologies and organize science-related activities among the youth and children;
-- To voice the opinions and demands of scientific and technological workers, safeguard their legitimate rights, and encourage them to participate in science and technology related decision-making as well as state affairs;
-- To commend and award prizes to outstanding scientific and technological workers;
-- To undertake evaluation of science-related projects and other work on request;
-- To organize international exchange programs, maintain and develop collaborative relations with foreign scientific communities;
-- To carry out continuing education and training;
-- To operate undertakings in compliance with the purposes of CAST.


  • General Office
  • Planning and Finance
  • Personnel Organization
  • Learned Societies Affairs
  • Popularization of Science
  • International Affairs
  • Publicity Affairs


Sponsor:Department of International Cooperation Ministry of Science and Technoplogy PRC
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