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China-France Seminar on Clean Development

A China-France seminar on clean development capacity building, co-sponsored by the Global Environment Office under the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Coordination Panel for Climate Change, a part of the State Development and Reform Commission, and the French Development Agency, was held February 9-10, 2006 in Kunming. The seminar is convened to discuss the framework and activities design for clean development mechanism (CDM) capacity building in both China and France. The meeting also assessed the CDM potentials in four provinces and regions in southwest China, and possible requirements for establishing CDM technology service centers there. Speakers have given the following talks: CDM projects and backgrounds, CDM projects planning and potential CDM projects in China, successful CDM experience in demonstration provinces, and backgrounds and framework of China-France projects. In the afternoon session of February 10, participants had an in-depth discussion of the project framework and implementation, and representatives from four provinces aired their views and comments. After the meeting, the French side expressed the wish to facilitate the approval of the project in France, in an attempt to prompt a start in April this year.

The joint CDM capacity building project will last for two years, with objectives of establishing CDM technology service centers and local expertise in the four provinces, in a move to raise the local capacity for such projects. It is planned to work out one to two PDDs and 10 PINs in each province. In the meantime, it will absorb advanced technology and funds from France through the projects. The implementation of the project will help to improve the quality, quantity, and scale of CDM projects in demonstration provinces, and enhance the local CDM capacity and Chinas capability in dealing with global climate change. It will also create fine conditions for facilitating international cooperation in the area between China and developed nations including France.

Sponsor:Department of International Cooperation Ministry of Science and Technoplogy PRC
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